FS-CNCB-1200/1500 Computer-controlled bilateral automatic feed and balance precision hydraulic cutting machine with four columns and duplex cylinder

◆ Machine performance

Maximum blanking force
Stroke adjustment range
Effective size of work table
Motor Power
Net weight
Hydraulic system
Cooling tank, oil storage devices, oil filter device and jam pressure alarm device.
Security guards
Safety light curtains / hand protection / protective isolation cover
Replacement of die cutter
Pneumatic knife mold clamping device
Mechanical structure
Self-balancing connecting rod mechanism
Bilateral automatic feed (PLC program control, computer human-machine interface). Imported four-column mechanism improves the location accuracy of blanking to avoid excessive cutting resulting in damage of the knife mold and plate and ensure the stability of cutting.

◆ Technology requirements

1£® Table lifting speed: 100MM/S

2£® Precise cutting balance can effectively reduce the loss of knife mold and cutting plate. Positioning accuracy reaches ±0.2mm due to variable frequency buffer system.

3. The micro-inching equipment of cutting board enables that each cut will not be in the same location to ensure good cutting edge effect.
4£® Bilateral motor automatic feeding mechanism can use knife molds of different heights on both sides at the same time so as to improve the efficiency by 80%. Human machine interface (HMI) regulation
makes the operation more humanity. Pressure and stroke parameter adjustment is controlled by touch screen.

5£® Pressure is displayed and cutting pressure is controlled. Differential circuit is used for rapid decline.

6£® Two-stage cut is adopted for multi-layer materials at the same time to reduce the size error at all levels.

◆Fast-cylinder with oil tank:

Here we focus on the characteristics of fast-cylinder with oil tank: it is a hydraulic system designed for fast action required by customers and the feature that the oil temperature is controlled less than 55 degrees. The hydraulic system is equipped with an oil tank at the top of oil cylinder to store oil when the cylinder goes up. However, a lot of hydraulic oil is needed to fill the working chamber when the cylinder goes down, the oil in the oil tank can quickly fill the working chamber at this point to speed up the pace and improve efficiency. At the same time the hydraulic oil directly enter into the working chamber through the hydraulic loop instead of entering the tank, so the oil temperature can be greatly reduced in the same working hours. At present, medium-speed and ordinary cylinders are mostly used by manufacturers. The oil temperature will be increased after eight hours continuous working. And hydraulic system has short service life. The oil temperature will not rise because of the use of cylinder with oil tank which greatly improves the life of the hydraulic system.

◆Configuration instructions

Main parts
Main motor (motor)
Siemens (Germany)
Brake motor (motor)
Siemens (Germany)
YUKEN (Japan)
KOKI (Taiwan)
Solenoid valve
CML (Taiwan)
Weiji (Taiwan)
Proximity Switch
Izumi (Japan)
Schneider (France)
Timer, micro switch
Schneider (France)
Schneider (France)
PLC, inverter
Mitsubishi (Japan)
Touch Screen
Mitsubishi (Japan)
Feeding plate
Good hardness and flatness (Germany)
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