FS-2C/22¡¢27Automatic hydraulic swing arm cutting machine

Use and characteristics
The machine is suitable for cutting single layer or multiple layers of leather, plastic, paperboard, fabric and other materials by forming cutter. It is an ideal cutting device for shoemaking, luggage & baggage, clothing, automobile, artwork, packaging, electronics and other industries.
1.There are two types of cutting modes for selection. The first type is small pressure stepless regulation. The second type is that the cutting adopts intelligent pressure feedback design function without the need of setting cutting point. The height of die cutter has no influence on the cutting and ideal cutting effect can be obtained from each cutting point.
2.Through double oil way static pressure supporting lubricating system, the vertical column makes operators¡¯ work more easy, flexible and worry-saving.
3.The main fittings are made of high quality imported assemblies, which have characteristics such as reliable quality, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving.

Technical Specification

Maximum cutting force 220KN 270KN
Cutting speed 0.15m/s
Travel adjustment range 0—70mm  0£­85mm 
Range between the working tables 30—100mm  30£­115mm 
Size of upper rocker 360×500mm  500×500mm 
Size of lower worktable  1000×500mm 
Motor power 1.1KW
Overall dimension 1000×950×1350mm  1000×1000×1400mm 
Total weight 650kg  780kg 

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