FS-HRCM-80/100 Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine

Use and characteristics
The machine is suitable for cutting nonmetal materials such as wallet assembly, mobile cover,
small toy, decoration, leather bag accessories and etc. by small die cutter.
1.Sway flexibly of swing arm, convenient operation and material selection.
2.High quality seamless steel tube is machined into column, which is supported by the upper and lower holes, so as to guarantee the flexible rotation of upper beating board with good reliability.
3.The switch for operation with both hands ensures the safety of operators.
4.The position of swing arm can be adjusted by the handwheel at the top of machine. The cutting
travel is adjusted by timer so that the optimal cutting position can be achieved easily, the working efficiency is enhanced, and the service life of die cutter and cushion board is prolonged.
5.The inertial energy of flying wheel is used to save the energy.

Technical Specification

Maximum cutting force
Cutting speed
Travel adjustment range
Range between the working tables
Size of upper rocker
Size of lower worktable
Motor power
Overall dimension
Total weight

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