FS-HRCM-120/200 Hydraulic Rocker-arm Cutting Machine

Use and characteristics

It is used to scissor up plastic boards, leather, fiber, cotton fibers, paper carton and other similar materials
a. It is equipped with lubricating system to lessen wear and prolong service life
b. Its lower limit of stroke is controlled by a time-delay circuit with high precision, so it can make high-quality shoes. The height of sway arm console can be adjusted by hand wheel featuring simple, convenient and stable

Technical Specification

Model number FS-HRCM-120/140 FS-HRCM-200/250
Max scissoring force 120KN /140KN 200KN /250KN
Stroke adjustment 5-55mm 5-75mm
Distance between pressing board and table 60-140mm 60-150mm
Scissor speed 0.21m/s 0.21m/s
Sway arm width 340×470mm 350×550 /450×550mm
Table area 900×410mm 1000×500mm
Motor power 0.75KW /1.1KW 1.5KW
Overall dimension 950×1050×1470mm 1000×1100×1500mm
Net weight 850KG /1050KG 1050kg /1080kg

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