FS-CNCC-400/600/1000 CNC flaky material continuous operation precision hydraulic die cutting machine

£¾ Cutting positioning mechanism is designed in accordance with special patent. The precision is ¡À0.02mm. Both full cutting and semi full cutting are available. Fine tunning precision is 0.01mm..
£¾ Independent touch-screen interface is easy to operate and can also remember 300 different cutting programs.
£¾ Productivity can increase 3-5 times for high degree of automation.
£¾ HRC60¡ã precision high-hardness wear-resistant steel by standard DIN improves the full cutting and semi full cutting effect.
£¾ Servomotor controls feeding system. Feeding and cutting distance can be adjusted at random. Positioning accuracy is ¡À0.01mm.
£¾ Under the condition of 20mm cutting stroke and 10mm feeding distance, cutting speed could reach 75 times per minute.
£¾ Adjustable central tool clamping mechanism improves the replacement efficiency of die of different sizes.
£¾ Annular PET belt conveyor (or roll to roll PET belt conveyor).
£¾ Waste materials re-winder and product collection device.
£¾ PET belt cleaning roller, electrostatic removal device and oil cooling device.
£¾ Security cover and safety electric eye.
Scope of application
The machine is designed for full cutting and semi full cutting continuous operation of a variety of coil materials. It is applicable to the electron industry, packaging industry and other coil material die cutting operations.
Technical parameter




Cutting force 40TONS 60TONS 100TONS
Stroke adjustment 30-130mm 30-130mm 30-130mm
Lifting speed 78mm/s 78mm/s 78mm/s
Lowering speed 165mm/s 165mm/s 165mm/s
Dimension of worktable 600×600mm 125800mm 160900mm
Effective cutting area 550×550mm 12750mm 1600×900mm
Motor 5HP 7.5HP 11.5HP
Machine dimension 2200W×3700L×1700H 2850W×3700L×1700H 3250W×3800L×1700H
Net weight 3300Kg 4500Kg 5800Kg
Note: Effective cutting area of the machine can be lengthened and widened in the full cutting operation mode.
* The dimension of worktable is available upon request.
* Our company has the right to modify the content of brochure.
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