FS-CNCS-400/400A/400B/600B/1000B CNC semi full cutting precision hydraulic die cutting machine

£¾ The machine hydraulic system uses advanced and durable special loop and stable electric control system to achieve super efficiency.
£¾ Cutting positioning mechanism is designed in accordance with special patent. The precision is ±0.02mm. Both full cutting and semi full
     cutting are available. Fine tunning precision is 0.01mm.
£¾ Solid machine body structure is in favor of plant design for quiet operation and agile action.
£¾ HRC60° precision high-hardness wear-resistant steel by standard DIN improves the full cutting and semi full cutting effect greatly.
     The service life of tool is long. Both full cutting and semi full cutting are available for processing objects. Cutting material is smooth without fringe.
£¾ Precision ball screw transmission feed is more accurate and rapid. Feed speed is adjustable.
£¾ Security cover and safety electric eye protection device.
£¾ Adjustable central tool clamping mechanism.
Scope of application
Full cutting and semi full cutting of a variety of flaky materials: protective film, LCD film, luminescent chip, touch panel, flexible
printed circuit boards, insulation film, label stickers, foam, automotive upholstery, nameplates, copper foil, aluminium foil, rubber,
LCD/PC/P.P/PET/PVC and other electronic materials.
Technical parameter




Cutting force 40TONS 40TONS 40/60/100TONS
Stroke adjustment 30-130mm 30-130mm 30-130mm
Dimension of worktable 600×600mm 900×700mm 1250×800mm
Effective cutting area 550×550mm 850×650mm 1200×750mm
Motor 4HP 4HP 4/7.5/15 HP
Machine dimension 1450W×1850L×1700H 1750W×1850L×1700H 2100W×2000L×1700H
Net weight 2100Kg 2900Kg 4000Kg/4500Kg/5000Kg

* The dimension of worktable is available upon request.
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